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Is the pressure resistance of bellows important?

Source:Date:2019/8/20 8:23:35

Pressure resistance is an important parameter of bellows performance. Bellows at room temperature, waveform without plastic deformation can withstand the greater static pressure, that is, under normal circumstances bellows of greater pressure resistance. Bellows work under a certain pressure (internal pressure or external pressure), which must be sustained during the whole working process without plastic deformation.

The pressure resistance of bellows actually belongs to the strength category of bellows. The key of calculation is stress analysis, that is to analyze the stress on the wall of bellows. As long as the stress at the larger stress point on the bellows wall does not exceed the yield strength of the material, the pressure on the bellows will not reach its pressure resistance. The same bellows in other working conditions at the same time, by the external pressure than the internal pressure when the stability is better, so by the external pressure when the greater pressure resistance than the internal pressure.

When the bellows are fixed at both ends, if a large enough pressure is put into the cavity, the wave peak of the bellows may be damaged by blasting. When the bellows begin to burst, the internal pressure value of the bellows is called the blasting pressure. Bursting pressure is a parameter representing the great compressive strength of bellows. In the whole working process, the working pressure is actually far less than the bursting pressure, otherwise the bellows will be broken and damaged. When the ripple length is less than or equal to the outer diameter, the calculated result is very close to the actual blasting pressure. For the thin long bellows, the actual blasting pressure is much lower, and the blasting pressure is generally about 3~10 times of the allowable working pressure.




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