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Difference between stainless steel bellows and stainless steel braided tubes

Source:Date:2019/9/12 11:20:09

The kind of hose has a lot of, no matter be the kitchen is used, or toilet is used, can give a person the space of choice, especially in toilet, no matter be bellows or the brit hose that is connected with horn valve, each product is to have its distinctive characteristic.

Braid pipe: it is mainly used to connect the corner valve at the water inlet with the basin faucet, kitchen faucet, vertical bathtub faucet, water heater, central air conditioner and toilet, and form the water supply channel or the bellows of drainage pipe: it is used for the transmission of high-temperature liquid and gas. Such as water heater inlet pipe, gas delivery pipe, faucet inlet pipe and so on. For areas with poor water quality, bellows are preferred for longer service periods.

Stainless steel braided hose: made of 6 304 stainless steel wires, the whole tube is flexible and has good anti-riot effect, but compared with the bellows, the diameter is small, the water flow is small.

Stainless steel bellows: the tube body is uneven, only one external tube, no internal tube, the tube body is hard, the installation should pay special attention to, the best choice of vertical installation, must not be in the same place many times bending, so as not to appear leakage and fracture.




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