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How to simply distinguish different kinds of aluminum foil made of aluminum foil tube

Source:Date:2019/9/12 11:20:31

The simple classification of aluminum foil bellows can be generally from the thickness, shape, hardness, surface, processing these aspects to distinguish.

According to the thickness difference, aluminum foil can be divided into:

1、Thick foil: foil with a thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.2mm.

2、Single and zero foil: foil with thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm/.

3、Double zero foil: aluminum foil with a thickness less than 0.01, i.e. 0.005~0.009mm.

According to the shape, aluminum foil can be divided into:

1、Rolled aluminum foil: most deeply processed wool materials are rolled.

2、Lamellar aluminum foil: lamellar for a few handicraft packaging occasions.

According to the hardness state, aluminum foil can be divided into:

1、hard foil: rolled after the softening treatment of aluminum foil, no degreasing treatment. For printing, laminating, coating to be degreased, for forming processing can be used directly.

2、Semi-hard foil: aluminum foil with hardness between hard foil and soft foil, usually used for forming and processing.

3、soft foil: after rolling through full annealing and soft aluminum foil, soft material. More should be in packaging, composite, electrical materials.

According to the surface state, aluminum foil can be divided into:

1、one side light aluminum foil: double rolling aluminum foil, after rolling one side bright -- dark, the thickness is usually not more than 0.025mm.

2、two-sided light aluminum foil: sheet rolled aluminum foil, two sides and roll contact, according to the surface roughness of different and divided into mirror two-side light aluminum foil and ordinary two-side light aluminum foil, the thickness is generally not less than 0.01mm.

According to the processing state, aluminum foil can be divided into:

1、plain foil: after rolling without any other processing of aluminum foil, also known as light foil.

Embossed foil: aluminum foil with various patterns on the surface.

3、composite foil: the aluminum foil and paper, plastic film, cardboard together in the formation of composite aluminum foil.

4、Coating foil: aluminum foil coated with various resins or lacquers.

5、colored aluminum foil: aluminum foil coated with a single color on the surface.

6、Aluminum foil printing: aluminum foil that forms various patterns, patterns, words or pictures on the surface by printing.




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