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Why is there a hole in the aluminum foil material of the aluminum foil tube?

Source:Date:2019/8/20 9:01:35

Pinhole is the main consideration of choose and buy the aluminum foil material problem, in the raw material, roll, rolling oil, even the dust in the air may enter the roll gap will cause pinhole, so there was no foil pinhole is unlikely, can only try our best to avoid too many pinhole and to reduce the size of the pinhole, generally to judge by the number and size of pinhole.

It is very important to choose the material with low gas content as raw material. In rolling, intermittent strip crushing, the edge of a droplet curve, a certain width, light air duct uncrushed, white strip and dense pinholes. The presence of pinholes on the front and rear ends of crushed aluminum foil is a major indicator of airway and other problems.

Roll print, roll eye, uneven luster. This is mainly caused by rolling, divided into three points, line, surface. All the factors that can cause the surface damage of roll can harm the rolling of aluminum foil. Due to the aluminum foil rolling roller surface smoothness is very high, slightly uneven luster will affect its surface state. This is not as difficult to avoid as pinholes, general regular maintenance, cleaning, maintenance of rolling mill, reasonable use of rolling mill, can ensure the aluminum foil rolling surface uniform.




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